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Samm’s NCIS Headcanons


  • When Ziva needs help with her crime scene braid, she makes Tony gas the truck so McGee can help her and tony won’t say anything. McGee occasionally did his sisters and he is more than happy to help Ziva. 
  • Jethro has an orange dog collar
  • Although she’s still not completely sure she wants to get married, Abby has a wedding dress picked out. Yes, its black. 
  • Ziva once wrote Ziva Dinoz- on one of her checks before realizing her mistake and scribbling it out. 
  • Ziva denied her strong and new feelings for Tony when he was dating Jeanne by trying to give him relationship advice so she could prove to herself that he was happy with someone else and she was also happy that he was happy. 
  • Tony and Abby watch cheesy romantic comedies at Tony’s every friday the 13th
  • Gibbs and Abby are soulmates, not in a romantic sense, but she was meant to be gibbs surrogate daughter and he was destined to be her adoptive father. Abby knows the universe had a plan all along.
  • Tony was waiting at Ziva’s apartment after Roy died. Although she went straight to bed and shut him out, he slept on the couch and made her waffles for breakfast the next morning.
  • McGee’s parent’s own a summer lake house that they open up to him all the time. They hope that McGee will propose to his wife on the dock in the backyard.
  • Ziva has a pet cat.
  • Abby taught Ziva how to bake cookies
  • On a few occasions, McGee let Tony drive his Porshe to impress a first date. But he only gives in to shut Tony up. 
  • When the cherry blossoms first come in, McGee and Abby walk from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial. McGee buys them hotdogs and pay 25 cents extra for two extra buns so Abby and him can feed the ducks. 
  • Ziva doesn’t watch a lot of TV, but when she does she looks for Dark Angel reruns.
  • Abby was the first to realize MIT was TIM backwards. When they were first dating she was standing in front of the mirror in his t-shirt and her skull boxers taking out her pigtails when she noticed this. Tim rushed over because he thought she was calling for help. He was filled with genuine joy when she pointed it out. Then they had sex. 
  • Tony urged Tim to book him and Ziva one room during their trip to Paris to ‘save money’.
  • Abby had a small pregnancy scare when she was dating McGee, she never told him about it, but she told Kate, who took it to her grave.
  • Tony and Kate had a drunk kiss once, neither of them remember it, but Abby has it on video. 
  • Ziva spent her first snow day with Tony, who had fallen asleep on her couch. She went to bed and left him there, the next day the roads were too slippery to drive on. It was during Hanukah and Ziva let Tony light that day’s candle. Although she is not an avid practicer, she has a small menora she keeps in her bedroom during the holiday. 
  • Ziva went to Kate’s funeral. She stayed in the back, away from the crowd, she thought she hadn’t been spotted. Tony never told her he saw her because to this day he was never thought it had been her. 
  • Gibbs and Ducky have drinks at least twice a month.
  • Tony had to go to an old clock repair shop that Ducky recommended once, after he flew back from Kate’s funeral. His watch had stopped some time during his conversation with that alluring Israeli Mossad Officer.  
  • Tony and Abby went on a date when they first met. And shared a first kiss. Both pulled back with a mutual agreement that they were better as friends. 
  • McGee and Ziva shared a hotel room and bed when they went to Chicago with Vance. They woke up closer to each other than they were when they fell asleep. 
  • On the first year anniversary of Kate’s death Abby, McGee, and Tony got a pizza, sat in the ballistics room and shared Kate stories. Abby’s favorite was Tony’s story about him and Kate in Mexican market. 
  • Abby has a yang tattoo, Kate has a matching yin. 
  • McGee wants both a son AND a daughter. 
  • One of Abby’s favorite Halloween movies is Hocus Pocus.
  • Abby had a Dalmatian growing up. 
  • After her visit, Abby bumped into Dr. Cranston in the park, she didn’t recognize her at first but she recognized Toni. 
  • Gibbs won’t admit it, but he enjoys when Tony comes over for a beer and a steak, he loves showing off his steak cooking skills.
  • Tony or McGee won’t drive by the building where Kate was shot, they will go out of their way to avoid passing it. 
  • Ziva once mentioned her desire to go to NYC, Tony plans on giving her a full tour of the city for her 30th birthday.

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